Published On: June 15, 2023

Royal Park Builder Group

Posted: June, 2023

We are beyond excited to announce our founding builder group in Royal Park! These amazing group of builders will bring an unique blend and ample housing options to our community. With many years of experience and exceptional customer service, you are sure to find the home of your dreams!

Richmond Enterprises

Richmond Enterprises believes in not just building homes but building solid and long-term relationships with its clients. Our priority is to first support the clients and their vision despite the project’s size or scope, allowing them to set their goals, establish high standards in building efficiency and sustainability or staff wellness and performance. Our team provides you with the personal attention you deserve to design a custom plan for your project and bring your vision to life. Learn more here.


Avana is a Saskatchewan-based real estate enterprise proud of its female-led, family-owned values. Since its founding in 2014, Avana has emerged as a leading developer in Regina with accolades for its high-growth successes and social responsibility. Learn more here.

Pacesetter Homes

Pacesetter is dedicated to ensuring consumers make an informed buying decision on the purchase of a home that will lead to long term customer satisfaction and value. Our obligation goes beyond new home construction; we strive to create a community in the neighbourhoods we build in and contribute to making Saskatoon and Regina great cities to live in. We’re 100% committed to providing the care and service you deserve and stand behind every house we build. Learn more here.

Crawford Homes

As a family owned and operated business right here in Saskatchewan, Crawford Homes had learned that the secret of success comes down to what’s important to you and your family. Understanding that everything Crawford Homes does is to provide a great home for their family and for your family. Learn more here.