Vision for Royal Park

A community inspired by its heritage that invites people to be engaged, to feel included, and foster deep connections with their neighbours and environment. East of Regina, Royal Park is a 700 acre community that will be home to schools, parks, pathways and multi – use recreation. Call this quaint neighbourhood home with a variety of inclusive housing from single-family, semi-detached, townhomes and apartments. Enjoy Royal Park’s small town feel close enough to the city!

Royal Park Concept Plan

The Royal Park Concept Plan is a detailed plan that is consistent with the White City Official Community Plan, the Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan and the Rural Municipality (RM) of Edenwold Official Community Plan. Concept Plans address all necessary and required planning considerations, including:

  • Local and major roads
  • Approximate lot location and dimensions/parceling patterns
  • Housing mix and densities
  • Commercial land allocations
  • Public use sites including parks and schools
  • Trail linkages and transportation networks
  • Servicing strategies and general location of services
  • Development phasing
Royal Park Concept Plan

The Boroughs of Royal Park

As plans for Royal Park progressed, distinct neighbourhoods within the community also began to emerge. There are seven districts in total, each one unique in character, but united by shared public spaces and compelling architectural details. In honour of White City’s British roots we’ve chosen to call these neighbourhoods “boroughs’, and have named each one after a part of London that inspires us and supports our overarching vision of an inclusive, master-planned community.

  • Camden – Town Centre
  • Bankside – Multi-use Rec Centre
  • Bedford
  • Uxbridge
  • Sutton
  • Kenton
  • Addington – Royal Business Park
The Boroughs of Royal Park

Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan


The Town of White City strives to develop a plan that describes and illustrates the long-term vision for a strong, living and vibrant Town Centre Neighbourhood that will result in mixed use commercial/residential growth and a healthy business environment.

A neighbourhood that is the centre of business activity, and the focus for cultural and recreational activities, provides housing for a diverse residential community, and offers a quality destination for visitors to the Town. The proposed neighbourhood is identified as the showcase for the community, the source of civic pride, and the community should work toward achieving that goal.

Town Centre Vision

The Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan is part of the Town of White City’s Official Community Plan and provides a vision and functional policy framework for White City’s new town centre.

The Royal Park Concept Plan will accommodate the future growth of White City and the area. Royal Park is a truly complete community with mixed-uses that include recreation, civic, residential, commercial uses, and transportation upgrades.